About 20 - 30% of the people with hearing problems use a hearing aid. Hearing aids have helped the users to have improved relationships, hear new sounds, hold conversations in noisy places and have more confidence to leave the house. A hearing aid is a small device but it can be costly. It, therefore, requires care and maintenance to keep it working properly and for long. They need to be cleaned and stored away from moisture, dirt, and grime.


Proper care for hearing aids is directed to the shell, microphone, and the receiver. These are three places that need to be cleaned in every, and any type of hearing aid. The shell of the device should be kept clean. Ear wax is likely to build up where the shell bends. The hearing aid also collect dirt, debris or oil in the groves behind the ear. If not properly cared for, you may find that the device does not fit well or is not working properly. When cleaning your device, avoid water and chemical cleaners. Instead, use a damp cloth or tissue to carefully wipe the device. Most of the devices come with a kit that includes a brush which is useful cleaning out ear wax build up, click to know more!


The microphone is the other part that needs care. It is extremely delicate and should never be poked in the port. The microphone should always face the floor when cleaning and the brush provided should be used. Ear wax buildup in the receiver is the most common reason for the failure of hearing aids. The receiver should be cleaned daily with the brush to prevent the buildup of wax in the receiver port. Know more about hearing aids in http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/hearing_aid.aspx.



Moisture is bad for the actual hearing aid device and the battery. A hearing aid drying container or a dry aid container should be used to prevent moisture build up inside the device. Always take the batteries out of the hearing device when drying it. This will prolong the life of the batteries. It is also advisable to open the battery door to allow air to get into the hearing aid at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZgmP_3WcRQ to help reduce the accumulation of moisture. Batteries also need to be well maintained for the device to function well. If the batteries are failing, the output will be weak, sounds will be distorted and increased feedback. Batteries should be tested daily or weekly as some only last for a week. It is also advisable to always have a spare battery with you in case the ones in the device fail.